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Wild Socks Press


Wild Socks Press is the home base
for books published under the Wild Socks Press publishing arm.
I'm Dionne Carpenter, a Christian Counselor.
No matter why you’ve landed here, I wish God’s peace to you!
Blessings on your head!

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WHY Wild Socks?

Because I always start out wearing flats and socks but then invariably take off my shoes right away,

even at church…

Because when we find ourselves on holy ground in the healing presence of Jesus we take off our shoes…

Because things can get heavy fast when we step back into our deep pain, so we need silly things like goofy socks that help us keep our sense of humor……

and, lastly…

Because very cool stuff happens when people get into the presence of Jesus and it could easily give me a swelled head, but it’s hard to take myself too seriously if I’m wearing wild socks!

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