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One Year of Experiments & Devotionals to Find the Peace of Christ During Fight, Flight or Freeze


"This book wasn’t exactly what I expected, but is exactly what I needed.Instead of being a daily devotion guide like I thought it was, it is instead and insight into the authors year of putting what she teaches into practice. But it isn’t just us reading her story, she is teaching us through what she has learned. And her writing style makes you feel like she’s speaking just to you. I highly recommend this!" ~ Luisa B.

Do you struggle to collect yourself when you’re in the grip of worry, anxiety, anger or discouragement? And if you try to be a good Christian, does it frustrate you that, right when you most need to stay calm and full of faith, your body can hijack all your good intentions and fear takes over? If so, then this book is for you. An experienced trauma counselor accepted a challenge to practice two simple brain exercises and explore how to find the peace of Christ even when her body had totally flipped into Survivor Mode. With unflinching honesty and a friendly, informal style, this book presents a wealth of information about how the brain processes fear and trauma, plus one year of stories and insights about how to use this knowledge to master fear in real world crises while growing closer to God.

Also check out her other books, all available on Amazon: Trust Training; Trading Voices and Winning the Hearts of those you Lead.

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Collecting Ourselves: Our Team
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