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Dionne "Didi" Carpenter

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Collecting Ourselves


"This book wasn’t exactly what I expected, but is exactly what I needed.Instead of being a daily devotion guide like I thought it was, it is instead and insight into the authors year of putting what she teaches into practice. But it isn’t just us reading her story, she is teaching us through what she has learned. And her writing style makes you feel like she’s speaking just to you. I highly recommend this!" ~ Luisa B.

Do you struggle to collect yourself when you’re in the grip of worry, anxiety, anger or discouragement? And if you try to be a good Christian, does it frustrate you that, right when you most need to stay calm and full of faith, your body can hijack all your good intentions and fear takes over? If so, then this book is for you. An experienced trauma counselor accepted a challenge to practice two simple brain exercises and explore how to find the peace of Christ even when her body had totally flipped into Survivor Mode. With unflinching honesty and a friendly, informal style, this book presents a wealth of information about how the brain processes fear and trauma, plus one year of stories and insights about how to use this knowledge to master fear in real world crises while growing closer to God. Also check out her other books, all available on Amazon: Trust Training; Trading Voices and Winning the Hearts of those you Lead.

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Trust Training

"Trust Training by author Dionne Carpenter has been one of the most touching and honest Bible studies I have ever been privileged to work through. Dionne walks you kindly, step by step, through the study allowing time to peel back layers of gunk that separate us from our Father’s love. One of the things I have loved the most, having gone through the study three times with one of times online with friends out of state, is the gentleness the author uses in unveiling difficult issues. There is no finger wagging and you feel as if you are sitting down for coffee with a dear friend to share your heart. This is one reason I have felt confident in giving this study to people in many different circumstances. Looking forward to going through the study for the fourth time as there is always something new to uncover!" ~ Ann

A Field Manual for Confident Trust in God Before, During and After Life’s Battles

If you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators and want strong tools and practical help to face overwhelming challenges and day to day struggles, this book is a must read. Trust Training gives step by step help to face a wide variety of life challenges with a confident and active trust in the God who wants to “train our arm for battle.” It makes the case that trust in God doesn’t always look the same.

It varies by situation, and shifts focus within the cycle of longer struggles.

Trust Training is especially helpful for wounded people who are still wobbly about the whole idea of trusting anyone, let alone God.


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Trust Training Leader’s Guide

(16 pages) Even if you aren’t planning to lead a group through the Trust Training Bible Study, you might enjoy the material in this PDF document. It features handouts Dionne created for use in the study, added suggestions to help do the assignment in Chapter 4, and a plan of action for how to maximize the material in the Trust Training book. Group study leaders will appreciate the suggestions on how to cultivate trust within the group (so essential before people feel safe enough to talk about their trust issues) and how to handle non-stop talkers with grace and kindness.

If you’d like a copy, please email me and I will send it to you within 24 hours, give or take.

How to Crash:

Navigating the process of recovery “After the Battle” with and without a trust connection to God.

This 30-minute YouTube™ video by Dionne introduces the unit on “After the Battle” for Chapter 14. She analyzes the typical emotional crash with humor and insight. Before learning Trust Training lessons, a crash left behind shame, doubts, bitterness and emotional baggage. But learning how to let God into our story – even during an emotional crash when we’re running on empty – leads to rest, comfort, closure and a deeper personal relationship with God.

VIDEO: "How to Crash"

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Trading Voices

"This book opened my eyes to voices/thoughts I have that are contrary to scripture. It is a well written book and full of insights." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"A gem of a book…" ~ Dennis Harris, MFT,

Creating Space for the Healing Voice of Jesus to End the Torment of Self-Loathing

People who have suffered devastating trauma or abuse, especially in their childhood years, may find it especially difficult to shed a mindset of vicious self-loathing. The shallow fluffiness of most contemporary self-esteem solutions does not satisfy our longing for true wholeness. Drawing from personal experience and from her training in Christian healing prayer, the author explores seven varieties of self-loathing and suggests for each a strategic shift of effort that makes us more receptive to transformative healing truth and the blessing of a kinder, gentler self-image.

We break free from the torment of self-loathing to the degree that we learn to humbly but confidently see ourselves the way God sees us. Prayer is a vital part of this process, allowing His voice to heal our emotional pain and redefine our identity. This book also explores the tendency of some to cling to self-loathing because its caustic energy motivates their journey to wholeness. It offers better and more truth-based alternatives as one part of a many-pronged approach to emotional and spiritual healing.

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Winning the Hearts.jpg

Winning the Hearts of Those You Lead


If King David wrote a leadership book for pastors, this would be it. David’s journey from the sheepfold to the throne teaches modern shepherds how to “win the hearts of those they lead.” The historical contexts might be millennia apart, but these principles hold just as true for modern pastors, pastor’s wives and church leaders as they did in ancient Israel. Dionne Carpenter draws from a lifetime of firsthand experience and keen observation of pastors in action. The practical principles she explores can protect you from rooky mistakes and give you the confidence to lead wisely with the timeless wisdom of Scripture.

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Books by Author
Jim Carpenter

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Daily Encouragement in

the Church Planting Journey

365 Days of Wisdom, Inspiration, and Courage for Church Planters by Church Planters

Published by DCPI; Sold on Amazon

When Jim and I worked at Dynamic Church Planting, International, Jim wrote some great training books for them and was so glad to finally get the green light as editor of this devotional book that had long been a dream of his. He and I loved working on this project, collecting devotionals from gifted church planters all over the world and writing our own devotionals (we each contributed about 80 for this book).

This devotional is organized around DCPI’s 12 Principles of Church Planting, one principle per month, but also includes a wide variety of topics of encouragement to pastors and core groups in the trenches of church planting. No matter what hat you wear at the moment, if you’re in Christian ministry, this devotional book would be an encouragement and blessing.

$14.95 Paperback

$9.99 Kindle

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Leaning Into the Wind.jpg

Leaning into the Wind And Other Stories

From a birthday paragliding adventure to a thoughtful meditation on the death of a beloved pet, Leaning into the Wind reflects on the grace of God through all the seasons of life. Steeped in the love of family and a deep reverence for the sovereignty of God, Jim Carpenter tells stories about God’s grace shining through people’s pain and brokenness.

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Scrappy and DeAndre.jpg

Scrappy and DeAndre's Amazing Adventure to Tame T1D*: *Type 1 Diabetes


Young DeAndre was doing just fine...until he felt like he had cotton balls in his mouth and had to pee all the time! Would he be all right? Come along with him on his adventure of a lifetime battling his dangerous nemesis, T1D. Discover how his little buddy Scrappy helps him fight his battles. Will DeAndre be OK?

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